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The Brabant-Family "van Moll"

The name „van Moll“ in Germany was first mentioned 1768 in a small village in Hessen called “Mardorf”, which today belongs to Marburg-Biedenkopf.

Bartholomäus (called “Barthel”) and Maria Elisabeth (van Moll) had a daughter christened there on May 15th 1768.

There is proof neither their marriage neither took place in Mardorf nor one of the other departements in Mainz. Until 1773 the family lived in Mardorf and between 1774 and 1777 in the neighbouring village “Roßdorf” where Barthel ran the Municipality restaurant.

In 1773 the van Moll’s became fully entitled parishioners in Mardorf by paying a “move-in-fee” of 60 fl. It seems to be very difficult for them as the invoices show a “lot of scriptures” against the van Moll’s.
On May 21st 1773 Barthel applied and received a certification of ancestry and reputation of his home parish “Bergeijk” in Nord-Brabant (Netherlands). The content of this certification: “..., dat Barthel van Moll is gebooren van eelijke en wettige ouders binnen deesen dorpe van Bergeyk”. Furthermore an inheritance part of 300 Gulden has been entitled.
In a second script, which Barthel had to show in Mardorf, is said “that within their parish (Bergeijk) there´s no bondage and every citizen are free persons within the Republik of the Meierei s'Hertogenbosh”.

In 1773 Barthel already paid a so called “brew-fee”. Obviously besides the trading he already ran a tavern, but hadn’t been the Municipality host. On June 24th 1777 he rented the Municipality restaurant for 3 years, paying a yearly rental of 77 fl. Since 1780 Barthel owned an own house, in which he traded and ran his pub. He brew beer in the Municipality brewery. Since 1787 yearly deliveries of paper to Mardorf were is recorded, as well as a small agriculture. In 1790 he owned 3 cows and since 1793 he regularly rented allotments from the parish. This concludes that he did not, as K.A. Müller wrote in his book “Rund um Wall und Wehrturm” belong to the manufacturers of brass and neither has been a manufacturer of hand-fire-extringuishers.

On November 29th 1802 a marriage contract has been set up between his son Johann Heinrich and Maria Antonetta Spahn. Heinrich received by his parents the house including the barn, the mews and outhouses, the manufactur of brandy including all supplies.
Barthel van Moll died July 13th 1816. His age is quoted with 84 years, which concludes his birth year to be 1733. As job title “host” is quoted.


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