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Pictures Klaes Family

Peter Klaes, born 1780 in Endenich, son of Jodocus Klaes and Agnes Wallbruehl. In 1816 he marries Agnes Bungardt, born 1788 in Endenich, near Bonn.

The oldest son, Jodocus, was born 1819 (my direct line). With their children Gertrud, Anna Maria, Wilhelm und Heinrich they (Peter and Agnes) emigrated to America in 1845. They settled in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Regarding to the family register (of John T. Phelan), he had one leg amputated. Regarding to US Census of 1860 Peter lived with the family of Wilhelm in Honey Creek Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

An exact date of death is not known. It's guessed around 1860. In the Census of 1860 Agnes is not longer named.


Wilhelm "William" Klaes

* 23.04.1828 Endenich

+ 15.11.1908 Hebron, Nebraska, USA




Crecenta Fancisca Beischel

* 04.04.1832 Münschen

+ 23.08.1916 Hebron, Nebraska, USA


Jodocus Klaes

* 12.06.1819, Endenich
+ 8.11.1890, Strassfeld


Maria Catharina Adolph

* 8.5.1806, Witterschlick
+ 15.1.1890, Kessenich


Cristian Defayay

*12.12.1807, Eupen, Belgien
+9.8.1884, Eupen, Belgien


Maria Catharina Brandt

7.4.1811, Eupen, Belgien
12.9.1894, Eupen, Belgien



Theodor Klaes, son of Jodocus, grandson of Peter Klaes, born 1846 in Bonn-Kessenich. He married 1869 Christina Gertrud Defayay, born 1851 in Eupen.

When Theodor retired in 1912 he was awarded with the "Kronenorden 4. Klasse"

Gertrud died 1924 aged 72.

They had 17 children, when Theodor died in 1935 only 5 of them had still been alive.


left to right:
Julius, Heinrich Jodokus, Theodor sen., Franz,
Jodocus Theodor, Hermann Josef
Jodocus Theodor Klaes
*03.05.1870 Eupen
+23.02.1942 Castrop Rauxel
J. T. Klaes &
Friederike Hoppe
*10.06.1861 Neudorf
+12.01.1941 Castrop-Rauxel

Wilhelm Franz Alex Klaes
*17.07.1899 Westhofen
+20.04.1962 Castrop-Rauxel

Erna Henriette Leontine Clever
*26.04.1898 Bochum
+ 18.04.1921
Georg Wand
*18.04.1905 Sarstedt
+15.03.1994 Castrop-Rauxel
Erna Henriette Friederike Klaes
*02.11.1920 Gelsenkirchen
+19.08.1997 Castrop-Rauxel

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